London, 24th March 204 – The inaugural Sheikh Saleh Kamel Annual Lecture Series, in collaboration with the esteemed Adam Smith Institute, is set to commence, marking a significant milestone in honouring the legacy of a visionary leader. The series will serve as a beacon for discussing the growth of the Middle East, its profound impact on the global economy, and the principles of ethical business practices championed by Sheikh Saleh Kamel.

Sheikh Saleh Kamel, an iconic figure across the Middle East and the Islamic world, left an indelible mark on society through his visionary leadership and entrepreneurial prowess. Throughout his illustrious career, spanning eight decades until his passing in May 2020, he played a pivotal role in shaping Islamic banking, media, urban development, and social welfare, transcending boundaries and leaving a lasting impact far beyond his native Saudi Arabia.

Described as a true ‘Renaissance Man,’ Sheikh Saleh Kamel seamlessly navigated matters of faith, ethics, business, and media, embodying a unique blend of energy and goodwill. His remarkable achievements were characterized by a steadfast commitment to modernization and a solutions-focused approach.

The inaugural lecture of the Sheikh Saleh Kamel Annual Lecture Series will feature the Right Honourable Nadhim Zahawi MP, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, as the keynote speaker. The lecture, titled ‘The Rise of Saudi Arabia as a Global Economic Powerhouse,’ will provide invaluable insights into the economic trajectory of Saudi Arabia and its burgeoning role on the world stage.

The collaboration with the Adam Smith Institute underscores the commitment to fostering intellectual discourse and advancing the understanding of economic principles in the context of the Middle East’s development.

The Sheikh Saleh Kamel Annual Lecture Series will be an annual event, serving as a platform for thought leaders, policymakers, and experts to engage in discussions on the evolving dynamics of the Middle East and its implications for the global economy.

This series stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Sheikh Saleh Kamel and his unwavering dedication to ethical business practices, social progress, and economic prosperity.

Commenting on the announcement of the lecture series, James Lawson is Chairman of the Adam Smith Institute said, ‘We are thrilled to collaborate on this series of lectures given the importance of the region in global economic development at a time when the world needs growth, investment and good news stories. Sheikh Saleh Kamel was a titan of economic thinking as he helped build the Saudi Arabia of today which is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful economies in the world’.

 Sheikh Abduallah Kamel, the son of Sheikh Saleh Kamel said, ‘I believe the lecture series will be a lasting legacy to continue the work of my father is spreading the need for business to be at the forefront of our desire to create a better world for all irradicating poverty, promoting education and providing employment. I’m proud of my father’s legacy in contributing to building a modern thinking economy here in Saudi Arabia as well as leading the world in helping to create a progressive modern approach to Islamic banking and a caring approach to doing business believing putting people first leads to growth and prosperity’.